About Us

Since 2005, we've been an award-winning offshore software development company

What Does Our Treasure Consist Of? Our People, Our Vision, and Our Values

CodeWox is not only a worldwide recognized IT firm, but also a family of skilled experts who provide unique solutions to global brands, companies, mid-size organizations, and even startups.

Who We Are?

For Codewox, success means bringing people's original ideas to life with the support of our technological knowledge; this is what we want to be remembered for as a team!

CodeWox has grown to become a major IT firm in Sri Lanka, supplying a variety of industry-led mobility solutions. The mission is to empower clients and businesses by opening up new possibilities using today's and tomorrow's technology while maintaining the highest levels of quality, satisfaction, and transparency.

What Do We Do?

Our passion has led us to become a top IT company in Sri Lanka, delivering various industry-led mobility solutions in the web and mobile application development domains, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), AI-ML, AR-VR, Voice assistants and Voice Skills, DevOps & Cloud computing, and so on.

We are confident in our qualified tech specialists and R&D team, who have always pushed themselves to provide a wide range of IT services and solutions to clients. Clients who work with our team save a lot of money on project development and get their projects delivered faster.


Every CodeWox Belief


Client-Centered Approach

Customers are always at the forefront of any business. Our definition as a prominent web and mobile app development firm extends beyond our immediate clients. We always start with where you are with your ideas and consider the perspective of YOUR end customers, their pain points, and create a solution that solves key problems and benefits your business.


Effective Collaboration

The key to success is communication. We tend to communicate excessively at times. Although it may that seem at first, it has proven to be quite beneficial to our client's business. When our development team communicates with clients thousands of miles away, it's clear that we use platforms and media that allow for efficiency, transparency, and correctness.


Quality Delivered In Time

We have a superb set of internal frameworks with best-in-class infrastructure that enables us to produce solutions with higher quality at all times, thanks to our over two decades of experience in the offshore IT software development sector. We've learnt throughout the years how to avoid failure and duplicate success. We don't just brag about how good our products are. We define it and ensure that it is delivered on time.

Our Core Values

Provide dependable and high-quality software development services.


In their first year with us, we've helped businesses raise their sales by
an average of 90%!


Successfully Delivered Projects

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Satisfied Clients


Under One Roof, Different Experts

Hear from others who worked with us.


We've made connections with incredible clientele in order to provide them with access to everything the digital revolution has to offer. When we see our clients get excited about their ideas, it motivates us to create very effective mobile apps and websites. And it is what we aim for on a daily basis.

We Work With
What brings us here?


So much has transpired in the last two decades, and we've come a long way. We made stuff, met a lot of people, formed lifelong connections, learnt a lot, and matured as a group. In retrospect, it was a tough journey. Days and months seemed endless and bleak at times. However, the magnificent destination is well worth the effort! What an adventure it turned out to be!
Our concept of success has shifted throughout time. Making a difference in a few lives is a worthy aim, but what we really want to be recognized for is assisting individuals in achieving their goals.