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Web & Mobile Backend Development

Backends aren't the only reason users join your app, but a poor backend is a reason to drives them away. Using the right technologies to create architecture without a single point of failure, CodeWox has the experience to take on backend difficulties of any scale and complexity. With a 100% guarantee, always experience slicker and faster app performance!

Backend Technologies We Work With

NodeJS is well-known for building backends of apps that are real-time, require heavy traffic or data, and code compatibility on many platforms.

We develop enterprise solutions, networking systems, CMS, and other backend solutions that are highly customized for complex B2B applications.

We use the.NET framework to build builds custom web, mobile, and Windows-based app solutions to deliver scalability, security, and power-packed performance.

To create scalable and secure business apps, we have hands-on experience with Java-based frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, JSF, GWT, etc.

To build automation solutions, AI-ML apps, GUI apps for mobile and web, etc., we use Python with Django, Flask, Pyramid, and other frameworks.

With this MVC framework, which was introduced in 2004, we are pioneering RoR development to develop multi-tasking, scalable apps.

What We Want You To Understand

The look of an app is important, but only the brain (backend) that holds the functionality of an app is important to make it successful. Your software product cannot work ideally without a strong backbone. Your backend code may not be visible to users, but they can feel the power through app functionality.
Our development team builds powerful backends to enhance the online experience. The apps can handle any size of user load without glitches. This boosts the customer experience and ROI as a result.

We Help You Create Apps For



With a mobile roadmap that is connected with enterprise scenarios, policies, and current systems, our collaborative advice on Mobile Strategy catalyzes streamlined IT frameworks and procedures.



We map out the needs and use cases of businesses so that they can respond quickly to changes. We assist your business in mobilizing inter-departmental communication, workflows, and instant information availability.



Our mobile expertise assists brands, businesses, and community organizations in developing scalable mobile application solutions that are intended to be used hundreds of times a day by worldwide consumers.