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Dedicated Engagement Model

As the scope expands, form a team based on your own initiatives.

We uncovered a factor that our 3000+ clients took into consideration while choosing the BEST MODEL out of the several engagement models that were available. that is, how much power and understanding they now possess on the task at hand. Unbelievably, getting professional advice when selecting the right model can make all the difference.

Why should you hire a dedicated team?

HIRE or responsive teams? To put it simply, the model method is putting together your own team to work on your software development project so that you may focus on your crucial company operations. You may hire them on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis and they can work alone or with other teams. They can range from a single developer to a team of developers.

Through effective cooperation, a dedicated software development team may acquire clear insights into the project’s aim. What your END customers could expect to get out of the project is outlined upfront, along with the firm strategy, goals, and project management roadmap.

And based on our 17+ years of expertise, we can assure you that this method greatly improves the project's efficiency, quality, and on-time delivery.


Numbers Speak for Themselves

According to an IBM study, 75% of project participants lack confidence that their projects would be successful due to hazy business objectives, out-of-sync stakeholders, and excessive rework. Additionally, the study states:

  • Only 2.5% of businesses finish all of their tasks.
  • 57% of initiatives fail as a result of "communication breakdown"
  • 40% of projects fail to reach their quality, financial, and milestone targets.

Onsite Dedicated Team

In order to address gaps in the development cycle, we provide onsite staffing services to customers and enterprises overseas. Throughout the growth life cycle, we may be present sometimes, frequently, or always.

Offsite Dedicated Team

Hire your preferred developers from us, and we'll help you launch your project from our development center as soon as feasible. Utilize a cloud team to consult with experts while maintaining total control over the team.

Product Development Team

This is nothing more than growing your own team by adding our qualified professionals who assist your product's successful product release through the synchronization of technical components and process flow.

Onboard Process

Advantages! Things You Will Always Love to Have


Execution & Reporting

Keep track of the work's progress and where the hours are spent.

  • Strong internal reporting procedures and supervisory oversight
  • shared with you and your team each day for quick tracking
  • meeting each week to assess progress
  • A monthly review meeting to evaluate the job completed, make plans and improve delivery

Our Value Propositions

  • Strict NDAs are in place with the team members to protect our customers' original concepts and business models.
  • Your project is driven by more than 50 specialists with a combined ten years of expertise.
  • One of our adaptable development models has a transparent cost structure with a flat monthly price per resource and no additional costs.
  • Replace the team member without affecting the project development cycle in the event of inefficiency, poor quality, or an emergency.
  • "100% devoted team members" is what we mean. This prohibits the sharing of work with other clients or projects.
  • Upon request, we can also give testimonials or references from previous clients who worked with us on specific development projects.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. Why should I hire dedicated developers from Codewox?

    Our company has been providing outsourcing services for more than 17+ years. Since 2005, we have been operating successfully and were present when no one else was. With the aid of lessons learned over the years, we have dealt with customer issues and have consistently improved our internal processes, service quality, and communication. We share a lot of things, both good and negative since we have a really close team relationship. That is what keeps us alert so that we may consistently learn from our errors and guarantee that we succeed at what we do.
    We are the ideal fusion of bright young brains and seasoned pros in the field. Our average team age is still under 28 despite having 20+ members working for Codewox for more than 8 years. This is an excellent indication that outstanding ideas will be supported by even superior brains. Please visit to learn more about us.

  • 2. During the execution, does your team completely rely on the client to provide all the information?

    No. They don't rely entirely on you in simple circumstances. The majority of the time, and more often than not, they will discover the answer by asking their coworkers, managers, and more seasoned team members for guidance, consultation, and technical assistance. The team will perform better, though, if you treat them like members of your own team and share your long-term objectives with them. Meeting all expectations over time will be simpler if they are expressed early on in the engagement process. Surprises are unpleasant, and they may be avoided with timely communication.

  • 3. Just in case, our hosting services or any other related services are down, do you own the problem or do you prefer to say “that’s not what we’re supposed to do”?

    We consider it to be our duty. But if it's something we can get to or access, we can surely weigh in and assist you in resolving the problem even before it occurs. But occasionally, our clients would rather hand over some of the projects to their own teams. We are unable to do much in these situations other than offer guidance or a solution. We need your permission as well as access in order to "FIX" the issue itself.

  • 4. Can you give quotes over a quick phone call?

    Certainly. It's not difficult to price items according to quantity. However, it isn't JUST about the cost and estimate, as you may anticipate. The primary criterion for the price is influenced by a wide range of variables, including the team's makeup, the amount of expertise necessary, the nature of the engagement, and the length of the contract's minimum commitment.
    The solution itself, which is most important, is what is most important in this situation. How much work has to be done on an existing, operational system or whether a brand-new solution needs to be constructed from scratch depends on both. A proper and open cost model must be created in both situations, which necessitates several conversations.

  • 5. Do you have a public holiday calendar for days you’ll not be working?

    Certainly. Upon starting the process, we will share our holiday schedule with you. We will also let you know a week before any public holiday.

  • 6. Do you allow developers to come to our offices and work with our local team?

    Absolutely. This is definitely feasible. We can make plans for the developer(s) to go to and stay in your nation so they can collaborate with your team there for a while. In such circumstances, in addition to their monthly charge, you are also required to pay for your own Visa, travel, lodging, and per-item expenditures. This can be debated and may change depending on the circumstances.