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Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions

Our cloud-based fleet management solution allows you to track your fleet at any time and from any location. We integrate innovative features like route planning, predictive analysis, remote driving monitoring, etc. which will help you make huge savings.

Software Solutions For Enterprise Fleet Management

Fleet Management is best suited for large enterprises and small businesses where the fleet needs to be managed efficiently. The solution manages the Drivers, the Vehicles, and the daily trips they make. The solution helps to determine a user's trip's effective profitability.


Features That Benefit All

All Important Features To Learn Anywhere, Anytime Online

Notifications & Tracking

Customers can track their orders in real time, live on the road.

Route Planning Engine

Plan & optimize your scheduled & on-demand deliveries automatically.

Hawk Eye View

Customized on-the-go control tower view of your entire fleet.

Smart Events

SLA breach, GeoFencing, battery level, and missed call alerts.

Reporting & Simulations

Analyze your operations and get actionable insights.

Roadside Assistance

Helps the driver to report a breakdown to get quick help.

Resource Management

Profiling and Management of Drivers and helpers.

Fuel Locator

Navigates end consumers to the nearest petrol station.

Instant Chat

Administrators can chat with drivers and make announcements.

Driver's Performance

Scorecard demonstrating their trips, scores, and behaviors over time.

Inventory Management

Monitor spare parts and supplies used on your vehicles.

Monitor Driving Behavior

Drivers are tracked for aggressive driving, speeding, and hard braking.

Quicker & Timely Deliveries

User deliveries are done quicker & have high on-time performance.

Micro-Task Based UI

Smart UI splits orders into sub-tasks & displays in a simple timeline view.

Proof Of Delivery

Capturing customer signatures, product images, or entering a pin.

Turn By Turn Navigation

Turn by Turn navigation support, ensuring fast & timely deliveries.

Robust Communication

Ensures communication in areas with weak networks & offline.

Request Pick-Up

Requests for delivery pick-ups can come from end users.


An Automation Solution For Different Users

  • Hyperlocal: Faster turnaround times, delivers fresh, Customers track orders live.
  • Inter-City Long Haul: Propriety Route Deviation Engine, that alerts only in case of deviation.
  • Reverse Pick-up: Precise pick-up ETA, common city-wide grid fleet over traditional hub-spoke.
  • Ridesharing: Figures best route to apply.

Project Management System Architecture