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DevOps Infrastructure Automation, Consultation & Management

DevOps engineers with experience at CodeWox assist enterprises to effectively enable DevOps professional services, collaborate configuration management, infrastructure automation, and analytics to scale up and speed up the growth of your business. In order to bridge the gaps in your ongoing software development, QA process, and other IT operations, we provide DevOps project management as a service.

Platforms We Excel In

To build and deliver software products with complete reliability, our experts combine DevOps solutions and services with AWS services.

By automating business processes via robust cloud solutions leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP), transforming the global enterprise.

Using Cloud & Azure DevOps Services, collaborating development process through source control, work tracking, and CI and delivery.

Implementing build test automation with Gradle for faster and better software delivery with expertise in Apache Ant and Apache Maven.


CI tool for automating builds and testing source code changes, as well as regression testing of web applications.

Our dev team has expertise with this popular CI tool, to build and test your software product continuously with no margin for error.

At CodeWox, software testers have experience using this tool to foster testing automation for mobile apps to deliver superior quality.

With the Selenium API, we automate the testing of web applications using any web browser to ensure the highest quality product delivery.

How does CodeWox help with DevOps Infrastructure Management?

The most crucial aspect of any infrastructure you build is its network architecture. By imposing automated quality checks and reducing defects throughout the entire development journey, it is always helpful to identify mistakes earlier before your end-users see them.
By combining business goals, toolchains, the software development process, and operation teams with automated and streamlined IT processes, our effective DevOps orchestration strategy and DevOps automation services make it possible.

We Help You Create Apps For



With a mobile roadmap that is connected with enterprise scenarios, policies, and current systems, our collaborative advice on Mobile Strategy catalyzes streamlined IT frameworks and procedures.



We map out the needs and use cases of businesses so that they can respond quickly to changes. We assist your business in mobilizing inter-departmental communication, workflows, and instant information availability.



Our mobile expertise assists brands, businesses, and community organizations in developing scalable mobile application solutions that are intended to be used hundreds of times a day by worldwide consumers.