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Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

With the help of our clever inventory management system, never go out of stock. With a variety of features, we can build a solution that will help you monitor and control your stocked products to maximize sales and cut down losses because of dead stock.

We Help You Manage Your Inventory Smartly

Every retailer must do their inventory, whether they do it on paper, in spreadsheets, or online. Inventory control is another name for this. We can say that inventory sits in the middle between purchasing and selling. You have to make sure best-selling items are ordered before they sell out. You also want to track and fulfill sales orders promptly to keep customers satisfied. Actuality and inventory management is a wide topic. Not all retailers will require each aspect of it. But it's essential to choose the appropriate inventory tools from the beginning if you want to grow your business.


Let's Talk About Features

Gets You Where You Are Going

Easy GST Filing

With the help of this application, you may now file all GST

Overview And Sales Charts

You can view and manage sales reports and charts.

Daily Purchase

Now, you can monitor your daily purchases via the dashboard.

Daily Sales

Now, you can use the dashboard to monitor your daily sales.

Customized Reporting

You can create daily, weekly, and monthly reports using the dashboard.

CGST & IGST Included

Codes for CGST and IGST filings are included in the dashboard.

As Per GST Compliance

Integrated codes that provide you with the exact GST amount for each purchase.

Inbuilt GST Calculations

Codes integrated that can calculate GST without having to do it manually.

Industry Compliance

Codes for CGST and IGST filings on your purchases are integrated into the system application dashboard.

Daily Sales Report

You can build daily sales reports for future decision-making using an integrated system.

Purchase Reports

A system application that integrated allows you to import and create a daily purchase report.

Payment Due Reports

You can create reports of payments that are due to be paid or received using an integrated system.

Add / Edit / Delete Products

All of your product details can be added, edited, or removed from the database.

Add / Edit / Delete Purchase

To manage inventory using barcodes, you can add, edit, or remove.

Add / Edit / Delete Sales

All of your sales data can be added, edited, or removed from the database.

Barcode Print And Search

The system is integrated with complete barcode functionality helps in doing monthly purchases.

Product Report

An integrated system that enables the creation of reports of products that are purchased, and sold, and the profit report.

Inbuilt HSN / SAC Codes

It contains inbuilt HSN/SAC codes
that comply with all your GST

Discount Management

Discount offers in the past and present are saved for better management.

Tax Management

A salient taxation feature that helps in better tax management.

System Integration

Install or integrate your existing software apps with ZERO downtime.


Benefits, Whatever You Want!!!

  • You Can Now File All Types of GST From One Medium.
  • This System Can Help You Sell Products/Services That Are Created by Another Company.
  • You Can Easily Renew the App Every Year.