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Project Management System

Our intuitive, powerful, and cloud-based project management software is built with improved task management, planning, collaboration, and tracking features. This will enable you to finish the task on time.

The Project Is As Simple As That!!

Manage all of your team's tasks using a project management system. Work together and in real-time to achieve real results. Worksite: The most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team.


Project Management Software Features

Client Management

Users may keep track of all their clients and their custom business requirements with the help of this feature.

Client Issues Management

If a client has an issue, they can easily report it to the manager using this system.

Project Timer

It can set and manage the time that is allotted to finish a project. It helps to monitor the deadlines & delivery.

Task Management

Can give out and manage separate tasks allotted to employees and keep a check on their timelines as well.

Invoice Management

Invoice management and processing are simpler than ever. Get a complete set of all invoices registered in the system.

Employee Management

You may manage the staff data and history and keep track of each employee's progress with this feature.

Post A Notice To The Team

There is a feature that enables you to notify the team members when necessary.

Generate Reports

Reports can be generated of statistics related to the progress of the project and the time taken to finish the project.

Employees Chat

It is simpler to keep track of all client conversations to keep the project running without any hassle.

Project Management

Users can upload and manage lots of projects from one simple system with better efficiency.

Personal Notes

To avoid hurdles caused due to lack of information, it can set up and give out important notes.


Users can choose the language they want to use. Multilingual features help to boost customer retention.

Export Data To Excel

You can export an excel sheet
with all the statistics and reports to your device.

Custom Theme Settings

According to their preferences, users can set up specially customized themes to make it look more interesting as per their preferences.

Assign Role To Users

The management team can assign specific roles to users. It helps for better efficiency & productivity.

Send Estimates To Clients

To avoid any miscommunications, negotiations and estimations can be sent out to clients.

Payment With Paypal

TFor simpler transactions, the software is linked to the PayPal payment gateway for invoice payments.

Payment Management

It makes it easier for users to access and manage payments. B rings the system its much-needed transparency.

Expense Management

Admin and account departments can access and manage the expenses done with each project and employee.

Slack Integration

Send updates to specific channels when a task is created, completed, or gets a new comment.

Ticket Management

Every time a user/client/employee raises an issue or sends feedback, a ticket is generated and closed.


The project, Just the best!

  • Progress Reports, Statistics, and Costing of A Project Can Be Accessed and Managed Hassle free.
  • Time Management Becomes Easier with This System in Place.
  • Complete History from Employees and Clients to Project Reports, Costing, Invoices, Attendance Etc.

Project Management System Architecture