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Taking proactive measures for efficient delivery

Periodic review to foster a 360-degree perspective of every circumstance in a project

Depending on the urgency and complexity of the project, this evaluation process takes place over a variety of time frames. Reviewing key deliverables, team alignment, and anything else that affects the project's timely and efficient delivery is the goal.

There must be a system to look beyond statistics for any project to continue in a predictive fashion to guarantee that the basic 3 triangles of scope, time, and money stay projected. We don't merely focus on the stats, unlike many others.

The review's goal is to evaluate "Completeness" and "Experience."

To do this, we bring in the project's major stakeholders as well as a few impartial but knowledgeable team members to examine the outcomes and elevate the project's current state to a higher degree of satisfaction.


Collaboration ⇒ Lot of Feedback


Breaking Bad - Myths surrounding an offshore team

Who thinks the client?

  • begins too slowly.
  • Miscommunication
  • Too little experience on my squad!
  • Decision-making Roadblocks
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Nobody cares!

What’s the reality?

  • Not fully comprehending
  • Only being aware of the tip of the iceberg
  • slower approvals and feedback
  • Client priorities are unknown
  • Simply performing it as a task (in fact, many clients anticipate this of us:))

Echo Meetings - The Project Review Process

At least every two weeks, all of the initiatives in the development stage are evaluated. In some circumstances, we examine sluggish projects at least once every month. The project's overall timetable, open problems, current team input, effort burndown, and delivery milestones will all be reviewed.
This not only improves our understanding of the project's current state but also provides insight into its near future.

  • Complete openness in disclosing the truth and the circumstances at hand
  • Milestones for the project's delivery are being reviewed.
  • Examine the forecast, the strategy, and any known hazards that could possibly materialize.

Looping in Clients in the Review Process

We are aware that an internal evaluation presents us with only one viewpoint. However, client attention is always necessary for effective offshore projects, particularly when success or failure is being tracked.

Identify Internal & External Risks Elements

When customers participate in such an examination, the team can also learn about some client-side hazards that are typically not originally disclosed.

To Ensure projects are on track and on schedule

Planning based on the existing circumstances is more pertinent than creating a plan from scratch since it allows for flexibility and a pragmatic approach.

Ensure the entire development cycle is smooth

The quality improves when the engineers and designers are the teams on the ground and when they have forecast results to provide.

Stakeholders In Review Process

The Project Manager or
the Team Manager
Project Owner
Team member from CodeWox
Account Management Team
Anyone from team who can
add value to the Project Review
  • Calendar that is shared with all important parties
  • notification of the scheduled review session
  • notice in advance
  • List of historical review action items
  • Project's state at this time
  • stage of growth at the moment
  • Threats Known Dependencies
  • Find out about suggestions
  • Overall assessment of the team's performance and working style Your recommendations to enhance the deliverables
  • How can we improve the effectiveness and productivity of these presentations?
  • Be careful to do reviews appropriately
  • completed with the proper project information
  • Including your suggestions in the deliverables
  • Adapt presentations depending on your comments.

All it takes - Less than 2 Hours / Month

What Codwox Does do?

  • Not a usual discussion that you do every day with the team
  • More than short term goal setting
  • Affects overall deliverables
  • Gives a clear picture of broader goals than just a set of routine tasks

What do Clients need to Do?

  • 1 hour every month
  • Proactive suggestions
  • Open Mindset
  • Stronger collaboration