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React Native App Development Company

We assist global businesses to grow their user bases on the Android and iOS platforms by creating affordable yet fast, powerful, and high-performing mobile apps with native appearance and feel. CodeWox, a top React Native app development company in Sri Lanka, provides end-to-end React Native app development services along with excellent customer service. Hire React Native developers from us for on-the-go expert consultation.

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Top React Native App Development Company

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What We Do

Our React Native App Development Services


Prototyping, Wireframes & Mockups

We create wireframes and give you with possibilities. When you choose one of the selected wireframe designs, the coding cycle begins.


Quality Assurance & App Testing

To make sure that the coding is efficient, bug-free, and satisfies client expectations, thorough comprehensive checking/ recording.


Custom React Native App Development

We provide React Naive development services for iOS, Android, and web applications, from PoCs to full-fledged mobile apps.


Server-Side APIs Integration

We provide adaptable, secure server-side APIs that can be integrated with apps to make them robust and dynamic.


Integration Of AI & ML Capabilities

To add intelligence and simplify human-to-machine interactions, we infuse the power of AI and ML into the development of React Native apps.


App Maintenance & Support

To ensure that your app is compatible with the latest OS version, we offer a contract system for maintenance and support services.

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By developing innovative and impactful solutions for web, mobile, and internet with rich user experience, elevating enterprise experience.
We support startups of all sizes irrespective of their stages – to nurture, build and grow their amazing ideas on mobile and the web.